Dream about broken glass on the floor

Have you ever dreamed of broken glass and you don't know what it means, today you will know what broken glass on the floor means in the dream world?

Unfortunately, the presence of broken glass in our dreams is not a good sign, as it is related to cuts, injuries, accidents or pain.

However, in dreams, its appearance is not so negative, as it will depend on several elements, how you felt when you saw the broken glass and even how the dream ended.

Dream about broken glass on the floor

Dreaming of broken glass on the floor means that you feel very weak and dissatisfied with yourself, as you believe that you are not being able to please yourself.

This dream means that your self-esteem is low and in the worst case, that you don't want to open your heart to live new experiences.

Dreaming of broken glass on the floor is related to lack of self esteem, lack of motivation, your insecurities and little control over your life and the direction it is leading.

It is possible that you are in a phase of your life where you feel that there is not much to do and this is demotivating you, making you not satisfied with your actions.

Also, it shows that you feel dissatisfied with yourself and what you have achieved or what you have done in your life so far.

You know that you can go further, that you can achieve more in your life, and this feeling of insufficiency causes you some frustration.

Also, this dream is telling you that you should review your self-esteem, as you need great motivation to face the challenges in your life and reach your goals.

Don't be afraid to reach out to your friends or family for support, as sometimes you need a helping hand to move forward.


Also, everything is temporary and that stagnation you feel right now will soon pass.

After having this negative dream, it is better to say a prayer to ward off evil forces in your life.

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