Dreaming about removing lice from someone else's head

Dreaming about lice can have many variations in meaning depending on the situation in which they appear in our dreams.

Even if this small animal is a pest that nobody wants, it can represent something good in the dream.

That is, there is a possibility that dreams about lice are much better than you expected. In the case of this one where it appears being taken.

Dreaming about removing lice from someone else's head

Dreaming about removing lice from someone else's head it means that you helped a person who was suffering a lot.

Lice are mentioned as pests, and one who has lice will suffer from this plague. What does it mean to change head lice from someone else you will be taking a curse from that person.

Taking something away in a dream represents removing, or killing something in the real world. The louse he presents a plague, or a problem.

The person you took the lice from, they introduce someone in real life that you know. Being that she can appear exactly in her dream or appear a person who will represent her.

This dream comes to demonstrate your kindness in helping people. So this dream is showing that you have a pure heart and a soul that cares about other people.

In case you want to know who is the person you helped. You just need to stop and think about your other actions to try to find someone who has benefited from your help recently,

Removing lice from someone's head doesn't necessarily mean you've removed someone's eyes. This is just a representation and has a meaning already mentioned above.

Lice in the Bible are mentioned as plagues that were sent by God to punish those who opposed his power.


So, after having this dream, you can rest assured that nothing is wrong in your life or in someone else's life.

This dream demonstrates your kindness in having helped a person who was in need of your help more than ever.

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