Spanish dog breeds: we know the furry dogs that originated in Spain

Some breeds of dogs come from specific countries, like the ones we collect, from Spain. We will discover the Spanish dog breeds.

Pyrenean Mastiff
Directly from Spain, Pyrenean Mastiff puppies (YouTube photo)

We usually talk about exotic animal breeds from distant countries. But often in countries very close to ours, wonderful four-legged friends are born. Here, then, are the dog breeds of Spanish origin, who in that country for many years have been faithful companions of their owners and who have also been able to find a place in the hearts of many enthusiasts in our country.

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Spanish dog breeds

Catalan sheepdog
Dog breeds of Spanish origin: the Catalan sheepdog (Photo Pinterest)

Catalan sheepdog

Also known as “gos d'atura”, the Catalan sheepdog is a breed of dog very intelligent, very caring and easy to train.

It will be a perfect life partner for the whole family, including children. But he is also a good watchdog and, being a shepherd, he is always alert.

Precisely for this reason it is a race that he needs to exercise every day. Otherwise, he may become stubborn and have behavioral problems.

During the Spanish Civil War, this dog was used both as guardian and to deliver messages.

Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog
Spanish water dog (photo Flickr)

This Spaniel dog, like many of his fellow dogs, is named for its best quality: Perro de Agua Español is really a perfect swimmer.

This is precisely why this medium-sized breed has traditionally been used as an aid to fishermen.

Appears to be from Andalusia, although there are indications that it may have come from North Africa, possibly introduced by Muslims during the conquests of the peninsula.

Its characteristic skin is wooly and very curly, but loses very little hair. Obviously, it is necessary to brush and care constantly to avoid pests and knots.

Ibizan Hound

Podenco ibicenco spanish dog breeds
Podenco ibicenco (Photo Pinterest)

A dog historically used for hunting, because thanks to its powerful sense of smell it could work well even in places with more dense vegetation.

The podenco ibicenco de facto uses the sense of smell more than the senses of hearing and sight. On the islands, it was widely used as a rabbit hunter.

This Spanish breed is agile and astute, energetic, with slim body and short hair. He is also called "ca eivissenc" and is now more of a companion dog.

He lives in many homes in his country because he is affectionate by nature, loyal to the owners and quiet. It can have two types of hair: smooth or longer.

Canary dog

Podenco canario spanish dog breeds
Canary Podenco (Photo Pinterest)

As the name suggests, this is one of the Spanish dog breeds originally from the Canary Islands. The Canary Podenco also has a good sense of smell and was used for hunting rabbits.

He has a lithe, lean body, has a very active personality and is not aggressive. He develops a strong bond with his human masters, to whom he is very loyal and loyal.

Mastiff of the Pyrenees (or Mastín del Pirineo)

Pyrenean Mastiff
Pyrenean Mastiff (Photo Pinterest)

Originally it was a dog widely used for guard and defense. In fact, it looks like the Pyrenean Mastiff could face wolves and even bears.

An important feature - common to many mountain dogs - are the large and imposing size of these dogs. But he is not a fierce dog, quite the contrary.

His character is tender, he is very easy to live with this puppy, and is a loyal and noble dog with a protective attitude.

Being a very territorial dog, it is worth socialize the Pyrenean Mastiff from an early age. In addition, he doesn't realize his size, so sometimes he has a lot of strength.

Spanish Greyhoundñol

Galgo Espanol
Galgo Espanol or Spanish Greyhound (photo from Flickr)

A very special dog, the Greyhoundñol - also called Spanish Greyhound - has a refined and elegant appearance and like many greyhounds stands out for the speed of execution.

Because of his running ability, he was used a lot as hunting dog for fast animals (like hares), or like a running dog.

He has an energy and speed when he runs which, however, contrast a lot with the tranquility he has when he's at home.

It is actually a sensitive animal, calm and even a little shy with those who don't know or the other dogs. In fact, from an early age, socialization work is necessary.

However, he needs to do a lot of physical activity, to release all his energy, so he has to practice every day.

Bracco de Burgos

Bracco de Burgos
Bracco di Burgos, also called "Perdiguero de Burgos" (Photo Pinterest)

Also in the case of the bracco di Burgos (or Perdiguero de Burgos, another name by which it is called), it is a dog much appreciated by hunters over the years.

A very noble dog, with a docile and very intelligent character, originally from Castile and especially in the province of Burgos, hence its name.

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Spanish Mastiff

Spanish Mastiff
Spanish mastiff (Photo Pinterest)

A very popular breed of dog in several rural areas of Spain, the Spanish Mastiff is a perfect sheepdog and guard (he took care of Merinos wool sheep).

This dog is big, males usually reach a weight of 50 to 70 kg and a height of 70 cm at the withers, while females reach 40 to 60 kg and 60 cm.

Despite the strong muscles it is a very agile dog, with a characteristic skin band (dewlap) under the neck.

And his powerful and robust appearance should not be deceiving: this dog is loyal to his family, noble and elegant and also tame.

Can also go well with childrenbut there is always a need for supervision, given the great strength it has. So it can hurt if we're not careful.

To avoid problems later in life, it is best to socialize and properly train you like a puppy.

Canary catches dog

Canary prey
Canarian dog (photo from Flickr)

This dog has origins in the Spanish Canary Islands, from which it gets its name, where it was used mainly as a guard dog and shepherd to take care of cattle.

The Canarian hunting dog has compact and strong muscles, droopy ears and short snout. It can reach 60-66 cm in height at the withers (males) or 56-62 cm (females).

It is considered a potentially dangerous dog due to its powerful body. For that goes properly trained and socialized like a dog have a quiet dog.


Spanish dog breeds: we know the furry dogs that originated in Spain