Friendship suggestion on facebook is who visited my profile

O Facebook usa friendship suggestion for ajudar os usuários a enchaverare amigos on the social network, where many wonder how the feature works.

If you've also stopped to wonder how the friend suggestion works on Facebook, know that you're not alone.

Today we are going to analyze and better understand how the suggestion on Facebook and if it means that these people visited your profile.

Friendship suggestion on facebook is who visited my profile

Facebook itself has already left an answer to this question because many people have wondered about this function.

friend suggestion on facebook it's not who visited your profile, but people who have many things in common with you.

So Facebook looks at a ton of things to find people you're likely to know or would like to meet.

If you pay attention, you will notice that most friend suggestions on Facebook are from people who have mutual friends with you.

And this already makes it clear that Facebook doesn't show you these people because they visited your profile, but because your profile has a lot in common with these people.

How Facebook Friend Suggestion works

As we said above, Facebook has already left us with an answer about how the friend suggestion system works on Facebook.

Below Facebook taught me what are the requirements or the metrics they use to determine which people will recommend to you.

  • Having several friends in common – if you have a lot of mutual friends with that person, Facebook will think you might know the person. In other words, a friend of my friend is my friend.
  • Living in the same City – If you live in the same city, chances are you know each other so Facebook will suggest that person because it thinks you might know them there.
  • Going to the same school or working in the same place – the same logic applies if you work at the same place as the person or attend the same school or if you have attended the same places in the past.
  • Be tagged in the same photos – if people tend to identify you in the same photos, Facebook may think that there is a relationship between you and recommend these people to you.
  • Be part of the same groups or like the same pages – As we said, Facebook looks for as many things in common as you have with a person to recommend you as a friend suggestion on facebook.
  • Have the number of the person – Facebook can dig through your phone book and recommend people you have their number on.

These are the factors that Facebook takes into account when showing friend suggestions. As we can see, it doesn't mean those people who visited your profile.

Facebook values ​​the privacy of its users very much, so it would not let this information be easily discovered.

Is there a way to know who visited my facebook profile?

There is no way to find out if the person visited your facebook profile or not.

Do not believe in any internet trick or tutorial that promises to show this information. All information on this subject is false.

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