Cell phone screen stained inside

It is very common for spots to appear on your cell phone's screen when it suffers an injury, such as grips, falls or hand use.

Often, when a cell phone is dropped, it hits the screen and it becomes smudged. This causes the image to fade or glitch in some small parts.

If you squeeze your canvas, the size of the stain may increase or the shape may also change, which is a sign that it is damaged. Can be purple spots, black, yellowish or bluish.

The entry of liquids, such as water, can cause these stains to appear inside the screen. You can try to put the cell phone in the sun in these cases. To dry the stain.

Cell phone screen stained inside

If your mobile screen is stained inside, it means she is engaged and soon she will die altogether.

Although you can use your cell phone for a while, the stain will continue to spread and damage more pixels.

The best thing to do when you notice this type of damage is to replace the LCD screen or prepare for it.

Over time, the stain grows until it completely covers the cell phone screen. This process will take time depending on the pregnancy and the size of the spot itself.

You will hardly be able to solve the problem of the stain on your cell phone, as the screen panels are very sensitive. It may take months or even a matter of days for it to die completely.

Recommended: Start thinking about the possibility of having to change the screen, change your cell phone or keep your files on your cell phone elsewhere.

These files are her photos, videos, among others, that can be stored on the computer, in case she dies, you have her files saved.

remove the screen protector

A screen protector is used to cover the mobile screen and protect it from scratches. There is a possibility that the stain is hidden under the screen protector.

It may be the case that an unwanted blemish passes through your cell phone screen, even if you are using a screen protector.

  1. Carefully pull the screen protector to remove it.
  2. Place the screensaver on a clean table.
  3. Clean your phone screen with a soft tissue

If you don't use a screen protector, this hypothesis is completely ruled out. Being the only option to change your mobile screen over time.

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