If your Android phone's volume is too low or the sound is completely muted, you can try various ways to fix your speakers or headset on your phone. There may be a few reasons why your Android phone's sound is not working.

The instructions in this article apply to phones running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. All steps are the same regardless of your carrier or whoever made your phone.

Causes of android phone volume issues. Various issues can cause issues with Android phone speakers:

  • Your phone is connected via Bluetooth to another device that plays sound.
  • An app is running in the background that controls the overall volume.
  • Do not disturb mode is active.
  • Speakers or headphones have hardware issues.

If your phone volume is still too low after ruling out the above issues;

The sound of my cell phone went low out of nowhere

My phone's sound went low out of nowhereThere are sound booster and equalizer apps that you can try to improve your device's sound performance. if the sound of my cell phone got low out of nowhere, try the following:


On iOS, due to a bug with Bluetooth, the volume may be “locked” at a lower volume than normal, so that even at full volume, you still cannot hear anything. To resolve this, try the following:

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

2. For volume, drag the slider down and then back to max. This should reset your volume settings to Bluetooth.


Note that on Android, there are separate volume controls for music and calls. You can change them individually by going to Settings > Phone Audio and sliding the volume for each one.

Also, on Android, the volume controls for the glasses are separate from the phone. Your phone's audio may be at full volume, while Vue is still at the "default" mid-range volume. There are two methods to resolve this:

1. In Vue app, switch Swipe to control “Volume Up/Down”. Then continue sliding forward until you reach the maximum volume on the glasses.

2. Enable Developer Options on your phone and select the option to enable Absolute Volume (or disable Disable Absolute Volume).

How do I turn up the volume on my Huawei phone?

You can increase the volume of your Huawei device by pressing the volume buttons present on the side of the phone or using an on-screen volume slider. 

If there is low or no sound coming from your Huawei device, clean the speakers and remove anything that is blocking the speaker, as protectors.

If that doesn't solve the problem, check the headphone icon on the screen. If the icon is displayed, you will not be able to hear any sound from the speakers even if no headphones are connected. To resolve the issue, try this:

  • Reconnect and disconnect the headset
  • Clean the audio jack
  • Run an audio inspection by opening the My Support app > Support > Check > Calls & Internet > Sound issues and following the instructions.
  • Restart the device

If the problem persists, check your device at the customer service center.

How do I turn up the volume on my Samsung phone?

To increase the volume on a Samsung device, click the volume button on the side of the screen. Alternatively, go to Setup > Sounds & Vibration > Volume and slide the volume on the volume panel.

If you don't hear any sound from your Samsung device, check your Bluetooth connections, remove external audio devices, or clean your speakers.

If the above doesn't return sound, restart or restart your device in safety mode.

If the issue remains unresolved, reset the device to factory settings. Please be aware that this will delete all personal data from the device.

Why does the volume keep dropping?

Some new versions of Android have features that reduce the device's sound, such as sound in the pocket e Noise cancellation. If any of these features are enabled, the device volume will automatically decrease.

In addition, some Android devices also have a feature known as Quiet Ring on Pickup. If this feature is enabled, the device's sound is reduced to zero after you answer any calls.

Also, there might be some app on your Android device that has access to your device's sound and volume. clear data of these applications and restarting the device may resolve this issue.

Why Android phone sounds decrease as the phone ages?

As a device ages, your Android device's hardware degrades, often due to careless handling.

Dropping the phone, using the device while charging, overcharging, and using the device in a wet environment can cause damage to the phone's hardware.

Android devices also accumulate dust on their hardware over time. This can drown out the sound of the phone's speaker and potentially damage the hardware.

Another reason why you may feel that the volume is low on your Android device is human psychology. Technology advances every day. Seeing a new device on the market might make you compare your phone with the new device.

You can often prevent sound degradation by properly maintaining your device. Keeping your phone clean and using protective accessories can help minimize the rate of decline on Android devices.