Types of photos that men like the most

Men love to receive pictures, that's why they follow so many women on instagram, so they can see pictures of women.

Men they are visual creatures, so pictures work best if you want to draw his attention to you.

We're not even talking about nudes, but know that with a little imagination and a lot of determination, you can make him love your photos.

Types of photos that men like the most

Men love to receive photos of women, so they can appreciate it even more, down to the smallest detail. Admiring your beauty.

If you want to impress a man, you must know how to take good pictures for him. And we're not talking about nudes. There are pictures that any man loves.

But some photos work, and others might not get his attention. So, below we quote some photos that will make his jaw drop.

1. Seifies at the moment

Source: google.com
Source: google.com

Selfies are men's favourites, especially when you take them right then and there and send them to him.

He will love seeing your smile, and knowing that photo was taken just for him. So take the smile and take the selfie. Send it to him the moment it was taken.

2. Pictures of the hips

Source: google.com
photos that men like the most Source: google.com

Backyard show some of your curves. Men love photos that show a woman's curves.

This type of photo leaves him dazzled, and with more desire and water in his mouth. If you are shy, you can send photos with clothes, but highlighting your big body.

3. Photos at the beach or pool

Types of photos that men like the most
Types of photos that men like the most

Photos by the pool really attract a man's attention, especially if you're wearing that set of sexy panties.

If you have photos at the pool or on the beach, you can send them to him, which he will undoubtedly love. These photos take the attention of any man.

4. Gym Photos (yoga pants, sports bra)

Source: google.com
Source: google.com

If you go to the gym, your man might appreciate having pictures of you working out.

These photos really call the attention of men, due to the desire they arouse in them. They may not be from the gym, but being in something tight.

5. In shorts

Source: google.com
Source: google.com

6. Mirror photo

Source: google.com
Photos that men like Source: google.com

Mirror photos were popularized by the iphone, and men love these types of photos. You don't have to be naked if you're ashamed.

Look for the nearest mirror and take your pictures, you can choose poses that hide your face, in case you are afraid.

These types of photos are also very successful on social networks. So feel free to impress your man.

7. Photo showing the neckline

Source: google.com
Source: google.com

The cleavage is basically the region of your breasts, men are crazy to see this region in women.

But don't make it clear that you are showing your cleavage to him, but try to show a photo like the one above, where you are not exposed directly.

8. With shirt

Types of photos for men Source: google.com

He loves it when you walk around the house wearing nothing but a shirt and panties, so why not show him his clothes on your body?

He will love to see his sweater, his shirt, his shirt on your body. Then look for a shirt and take a very daring picture for him.

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