Betrayal is not just physical contact

Many people think that cheating has to do with sexual involvement and physical contact, in this article you will know that cheating is not just physical contact.

To cheat on your partner you don't necessarily need to be with a third person. You can be unfaithful without even needing to maintain physical contact.

Betrayal goes far beyond what you imagine and may often not be perceived. But it's important to know when it's considered cheating and when it's not.

Betrayal is not just physical contact

Really the betrayal it's not just physical contact, it's considered betrayal in the following situations: lies, family betrayal, emotional betrayal, omissions.

Betrayal is not just physical contact, because everything that goes against good customs in a relationship between two people is considered betrayal.

These are the most common forms of cheating, which are not related to physical involvement. Knowing them is very important to prevent yourself and have a healthier relationship.

1. Lies are betrayal

Lying is one of the most common forms of betrayal where the person starts with small lies. And little by little, he exaggerates the lies he will tell over time.

Sometimes these lies are not related to an involvement with a third person, but hurt the life and trust between the two.

Whenever we tell a lie, whatever the situation, we are committing a betrayal with the person.

2. Hidden coexistence

Even if there is no physical contact, any kind of coexistence with other people in hiding can be considered treason.

Secret conversations, outings and meetings on the sly are examples of relationships that can be considered treason.

3. Flirt with other people

The simple fact that you talk to other women or other men, even if there is no physical or loving relationship.

It's already considered treason, because the fact of being in a relationship forbids you to flirt with anyone, even if it's just for fun.

4. Not sharing problems

When we are in a relationship with the person, we should share all our problems with the person so that they know what is going on.

Hiding your problems from your partner can be considered an act of betrayal, as there should be no secrets in the relationship.

5. Hide your vices

If you are a person who has an addiction, you should always share it with your partner so that the person knows about your addictions.

Hiding your vices from your partner is considered cheating. No matter what kind of addiction you have, you should always share it with the person.

6. Family betrayal

It occurs when one of the spouses engages in conspiracies against their partner within the family, to punish or act against a specific situation.

Sometimes it can occur due to fights between the couple and a family member intercedes and together with one of the spouses they plot against the other, this type of betrayal is very serious.

7. Emotional betrayal

Emotional betrayal has to do with feelings we have that we don't share with our partners. Which often hurt your partner's feelings and goals as a couple.

We can call emotional betrayal when we think of a third person or create affective feelings and desire someone other than our partner.

8. Omissions are betrayal

Omissions happen when we prefer to keep secret about situations that concern our personal or conjugal life.

We omit from banal things to more serious things like omitting the existence of another child, or some debt of the person.

 What to do when we discover a betrayal

Betrayal is not just physical contact Source: Unplash
Betrayal is not just physical contact Source: Unplash

Regardless of the pain and hurt you feel, it is possible to overcome betrayal in relationships and build an enviable life for yourself.

See a detailed, step-by-step process to get over cheating in your relationship.

  • First, you need to forgive yourself and know that people aren't perfect.
  • Then think about how you can resolve the situation with your partner.
  • If this is not possible, seek to find peace and happiness elsewhere.


For every type of situation there is always a solution, it is important that you realize that at any stage of your life it is possible to overcome your partner's betrayal.

Do not ignore or insist on living in this situation, it will not be good either for you or for your life as a couple.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood that cheating is not just physical contact.

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