Victim of macumba symptoms

Strange things happen in your life, many of them without any explanation, everything leads you to believe that something is wrong, what are the symptoms that the victims of macumba.

Many times we can even think about the possibility of being a macumba or something like that, maybe it's something hard to even believe.

The symptoms that macumba victims can present depend on the type of macumba that was done to them.

Victim of macumba symptoms

The symptoms that victims of macumba present are the feeling of being watched, hearing voices and seeing figures, illness, lack of concentration, nightmares, unexplained problems, headaches.

These are some of the most common symptoms suffered by macumba victims. If you suspect you are a victim or have someone close to you who seems to be going through this, stay tuned.

When macumba enters a person's life, it devastates everything in a short time and its path changes overnight. Pay attention to changes in your life.

Symptoms of macumba in the head

Below we will detail each of the symptoms so that you can understand whether or not you are a victim of macumba and finally tell you what to do:

1. Sensation of being watched

Many times, even if you are alone in an environment, you will have the feeling that you are being watched with someone, while walking, you will have the feeling that someone is behind you.

This feeling and discomfort will haunt you until you can face the situation and resolve it once and for all.

2. Hear voices and see figures

Even in the silence of the night, out of nowhere, you can have the impression of hearing someone calling you. Or seeing someone passing by you, these sensations usually indicate the presence of negative energies or spirits around you.

If you've had these aspirations, that's not a good sign, it's good for you to worry.

3. Lack of concentration

You often find yourself thinking about things without much sense, traveling with ideas and having some hallucinations that just fill your mind and make you lose focus.

3. Nightmares

Nightmares reflect our greatest fears and often indicate the presence of spirits in our dreams, most of them are sorcerers who visit our dreams with the intention of harming us.

It's not common to have recurrent nightmares, they are a warning that something is wrong in our lives and that we must prevent ourselves.

4. Constant headaches

Another symptom that you have been a victim of macumba in your life is constant headaches, which never leave you alone.

Headaches without any possible cause or explanation. That don't go away even with medication. Pay attention to this.

5. Problems without explanation

On several occasions you will come across conflicts and situations that you will not understand how they came about and how to resolve them, with a sequence of conflicts one after the other and bringing you enormous physical and psychological wear and tear.

Most of these problems will be caused by third parties, people who will be used to harm you and do harm.


If the person has any of these symptoms, there is a huge chance of being a victim of macumba and the way in which he should abstain from this evil would be to seek the word of God.

Praying is the greatest deliverance against all the forces of darkness and the greatest shield for frames and macumbas made to destroy you.

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