Instagram Stories is a feature of the Instagram app where users can capture and post related images and video content in a slideshow format. Stories can be modified with typical features of the popular social media app.

Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories was initially criticized for being too similar to the My Story feature on Snapchat. In both apps, content is only available for 24 hours from the time of posting.


Stories allow you to add text, drawings, and emoticons to images or video clips. Like Snapchat, augmented reality (AR) filters and stickers are also available for Stories.

Or content of edited image and video can be displayed in an orderly sequence and appear in followers' feeds. Stories also offers skippable ads between different users' stories.

What it means to browse instagram stories

How to make stories on Instagram


Here's what browsing instagram stories means:  This section allows us to understand how audiences behave with our content through four actions: next, next story, go back and leave.

Top Instagram Story updates

Stories are one of the most popular features on Instagram. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced significant updates to Instagram's Stories feature in response to user feedback.

Instagram aims to improve the user experience by introducing these features. Here is a quick summary of recent updates to the Instagram Story.

Update #1: Instagram introduces “Add yours” sticker

After testing in Japan and Indonesia, Instagram has just released the Add Yours sticker globally. It's a new sticker that creates a public topic in Stories.

It's a perfect interactive sticker for creating viral content chains through Stories, making it a great opportunity for community engagement.


It allows users to respond to other users' stories by following a prompt or a specific topic. In this way, a content chain is created where each user adds their own story.

Update #2: Instagram story link sticker replaces swipe up feature

Previously, the Swipe Up feature allowed businesses and creators to add a link to their stories. Story viewers can open the link by swiping up on the story or clicking “See More” at the bottom of the story.

However, Instagram has announced that Link Stickers will now replace the Swipe-up feature in Stories. Story viewers can open the link by tapping the sticker.

Instagram says the sticker has three significant advantages over the Swipe-up feature:

  • Stickers are most popular and familiar to users who already use them for music, questions, locations, polls, etc.
  • Stickers allow for more creative control over the appearance of your story than sliding links.
  • More importantly, stickers allow viewers to engage with a story, while the swipe up feature does not allow for responses or reactions.

Update #3: Regardless of follower count, all users can add links to Instagram stories

The Swipe-Up feature was previously available for business and creator accounts that were verified or had more than 10.000 followers.

However, on October 27, Instagram announced that all users worldwide could add links and its predecessor, the Swipe-up feature, to Instagram Stories regardless of their followers.

Update #4: Instagram testing a 60-second limit for stories

As Instagram aims to expand its video formats, this development feels like a stepping stone on its journey to keep people engaged with the platform.

Currently, Instagram stories have a 15-second segment. Social media developer and researcher Alessandro Paluzz noticed that Instagram Stories is being tested for a longer period of up to 60 seconds.

What is an Instagram Stories Viewer?

Instagram stories are a great way to get more exposure and generate views. It has become a fantastic way for businesses to run their visual marketing campaigns, increase follower engagement and tell stories.

People post content on social media and give a glimpse into their lives with the intention of making some sort of impact.

So it shouldn't be surprising that some users really want to know if what they've posted really had an impact and if there's a method behind the story view madness.

Instagram Stories has actually surpassed Snapchat in audience size and has grown to over 500 million daily active users today.

What started out as a photo-sharing app has now become a crazy online business tool. Influencers, entrepreneurs, and even multi-billion dollar brands use Instagram to engage with their target audience and get new customers.

People started using the Instagram Story preview feature as a measurement method. They started to be strategically intentional about how they publish Stories.

When Instagram provides a list of people viewing your stories, your order is not random. There's a well-thought-out strategy behind this order that people have tried to decode and have wondered what it meant for Instagram's growth.