WhatsApp recently expanded message reactions features, adding support for all possible emojis. And it looks like more changes are on the way for the recently introduced feature on the messaging platform, as suggested by a recent beta test. Here's what to expect.

WhatsApp test message reaction previews

The latest report from BetaInfo reveals that the WhatsApp is testing reaction previews as part of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android (some are also getting in version The new feature will show a text preview when a chat message receives a reaction.


It is revealed that a chat list will now show a preview of a message reaction at the top to notify you of the last reaction to a message. This is applicable to individual and group chats. The report includes a screenshot to show what it will look like and here's a look.

whatsapp test message reaction preview

The report also mentions that this functionality will be enabled no matter what. So even if you turn off message reaction notifications, you will still see reaction previews when the latest update arrives.

You should know that this skill is still being tested for some beta users and there is no word on whether or not it will be released for more people to use. Even if this happens, a timeline is not available.

This comes in addition to the resource update for reactions, which suggested a detailed information section on reactions in shared media. That will let you see which media in the auto album reacted to.

Currently you will have to open the shared media album to see these details. As this is also being tested, we don't know if this will become an official feature.

Whenever and if introduced, these new reactions updates will join the recent one, which now allows people to use any emoji to react to a message, which has been an option on Instagram for a long time.

So what are your thoughts on the mentioned message reaction features on WhatsApp? Do you think they will be useful? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.